Welcome to Aqua Minerals

Aqua Minerals is an organization that meets the needs of discriminating industrial users, large and small, in select markets across the country and around the world. Our commitment to our customers and our industry is reflected by a successful, thriving group that intends to continue to grow with the future needs of the markets that require the "common" pebbles and sand from an "uncommon" company.

As common as most people think pebbles and sand may be, it takes uncommon expertise and resources to meet the demanding requirements of today's industries that rely on pebbles and sand in their everyday work. With this in mind, Aqua Minerals purpose to create an unprecedented organization committed to the development of the highest quality filtration media that consistently and cost-effectively meet the customers' requirement.

To ensure unsurpassed quality, investments have been made in the most sophisticated processing equipment to enable materials to be refined to the most demanding specifications.
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